Episode 18 · 11 months ago

EP18: Setting priorities


Its that time of the year. New Years resolutions aka procrastination. Yeah buddy. We said it. 

In that spirit, we discuss how you should set your daily/weekly/quarterly/etc priorities. What works and what doesn't. 

Lets face it: NY resolutions dont get followed mainly because its hard to stick thru it. This episode will hopefully help you out how to make it thru the "pain" (some would dare say growth) with "buzzword" actionable tips. 

He Guys Bis Bros here. What's up,what's up, what's up, live on video or not live, but on video for the firsttime, what's good yeah, we are breaking your ground here first time ever. Has this been done ona podcast over video first ever yeah and you don't have a background.You have just this gray wall. That's that great! So it's not great close.It's like chocoaty chocolate, chocolate sandy sandy beaches. I imagine this isa beach, so, like Imagin, is a bich. It's like baby, not like your San FNpicture by do Liy Yeah I just yearealized just realize like I canhide the Mike. If I stand like this like they won't be any Mike, but anyway,Oh that's Mike, didn't see it because re Blackyeah Weh, my God, that's my! Ididn't notice the huge thing in fort o your face. Yeah and I have this col trick. Mine isdisappearing. Your proper magician Bra yeaimaginaryMike that Bot that probably someone probably has that stage. Name Imaginary,like there's a movie magic mice, TThis isequel so yeah. What do you want to talk abouttoday? Guess preoritizing preertizing. Instartups, I'm not an ex expert on the topic, butI guess you know think or two about it. Yeah, it's still Wa. It's still a workin progress for me how to Hav to do it effectively to befair. So when it comes to prioritizing workin startups, let's say mainly our small businesses, there's always goom to beso much on your plate that you'll have to cover and then figuring out. Whatactually to do can be a problem, sometimes because there's alwayssomething important, there's always some burning issue. There's alwayssomething going on and figuring out what the actualpriority is sometimes can be a big problem for people and you get stucklike a hamster in a wheel working at things that just don't giveyou any. You know they don't move the needle so to speak, so yeah moving the needle prioritizing.I think it's absolutely crucial in any company. That necessarily just start upso sure I mean, I guess you know Birtpreerities change with development. So let's take the bit. You know back startingoff. What was you know? What were the first priorities? Company being anumber six or eight employee- oh I guess it was. You know it was getting.First clients traction that was the only thing that was yeah thin, likeglitteraly. That was the only thing. My job when I joined was an Aasan as Dr and my job was just dial and dial and dialand schedule appointments, and that's it. That was my only priority rir while,for example, the founders, their priority was converting those demosthey did found their selling and so and then we evolved, we movedaway so then, as wegard new clients and weprove this concept effectively, thenwhat happened is then we started doing the most founders did other thingsdeveloped other stuff, so it's like ever shifting, but the thing is prioris. They dochange and I'll tell you this.

I currently have five things that I'mworking on and sometimes and then all the daytoday, stuff th things that actually come up, take away the focus from the priorityright and then what should? I do? First, what moves the needle fastes? What'sthe biggest driver and the biggest impact at the company? Those decisionsare made daily, weekly like anytime. You try to do something. The firstquestion should be. Is this really the most important thing? I can be devotingmy time right now, its sure I mean right now, I'm actuallyjuggling and it's a bit of hard to prayer tize, because I an I'm in hold the VP roll in abotique consultant ybitiqk and its just. You know a couple of people, that's ITand its juggling between bd and technical work,and it's is te to those two and I think right now, because you know trying toget things of the ground. It's bete sales, it's figuring out, what'shappening on the market. This is the parity Bot right now, as it should be no relistically as itshould be. You know- and it's very it's not easy- it's not easyto figure out what a priority, because everything can seem important, but youone thing that I figured out or was told. Basically I didn't figure aboutmyself. I was had help fror people to guide me on what should be done.Sometimes you just have to zoom out like stop doing the day. Stuff STOPPDING everything like som out Wei, say Zumo like just literally stopeverything take every year. Fifteen twenty minutes don't do anything, tryto remove everything. That's going on right now, daily, like basically andthen th typein out like right on the WhiteBoard Right Yoni, the notebook doesn't really matter right out the things thatyou're looking Todo and force stack rank them all one through x for Tanqram. What's thebiggest driver, what's the biggest priority that you think would be getting you to your goal. Whatever thatgoal is so yeah, I I have a similar system yeah.I just you know, stop doing anything like day today andyou know take half a day a whole day. Maybe my maybe two days you know justto figure out and you know think about bigger goals, and then I hear like youknow, everyone has his own system how to prearitize. I know what kind oftools you use. I You I'm a you know: phonatic userof, Google,cavender and Google basks nobthat's great. That's, I think, that's GTBUI'll get it INSECON yeah, and you know I have my own color coding system.What you know we what's number one preority. What canbe reshuffle, and you know things like that- I guess everyone has his own. For me blocking time off is crucial yeah. Istarted doing that blocking time. I started doing it when I was in Isdr,because I had to. The only way I would be successful is if I specificallytarget certain people at certain times to make me more effective. So when Iwas as tr, I actually blocked calendar off for different regions that 'll becalling with a different type of pitch and that I would be figuring out ifthat pitch was well tailor to that market or the area that I'm calling,because I used to call into Australiaa used to call into Europe. I used tocall it all over the world and then, when I started just coling you callingus the US, then I try to focus on areas of the US that call different timeswith a different pitch and different like vibe. So...'s super important to Blok, locg timeoff to get worked on in just name what you're going to be doing. I don't havea color, quoting system, I'm not that advanced. I write things that I write things downand then, like I whiteboard Niebook, I writed things down and then just likeFORC stank, crank, thin eahit's worked fairly well for me and then obviously,if I have something to do, I just put in the calendar. So basically I'm justlike you have two pointo version of what I currently dare for me blocking time was very important,whe. Well, I worked in a bigger company because so much time goes on. You know,internal meetings, that I don't know a lot of them. Don't ield to anything andte just take Super Noandi yeah and it takes away a lot of time from you knowreal work. One Question: Does your calendarsometimes extend to the weekend? I had this. I had this habit. You know slots for weekend what to dowhen, even if, if it's not, you know something Berlok related when you saydid or if, unfortunately, it's generally a very regular occurrence, yeah yeah, I have nothing well. I havenothing good to say about it, because his shouldn't be that way, but, for example, when you ihave have bok where I'm not available,I in on weekends, I block stuff out forwork, and I tried to time it around non family time, for example, meaning when my kids are sleeping inthe afternoon. I 's like I do something in the afternoon when they weresleeping or when they go to bed, so o dose be the main two blockers oftime for me Er the weekend, if you don't have to don't do it, if you don'thave to again, don't do it, I won advise anybody to do it, but if youhave to you have to it is whay, it is, and I have no problems with it really. I have no problems with it. There'salways something to work on, obviously, and with nothing working on the weekends herenow might as well put pushd push an hour ortwo that can help me out during the week. So yeah I mean sometimes I put like persnI have to do. You know shopping. I never did that called thisguy and I never do that. Unfortunately, IU don't do shopping, Yeah Oli hate shopping. I do sometimes no, Ihate shopping Bu. This is completely untenlngent, I hate shopping, so Idon't do I hate shopping. My wife knows this, but terms of how you like, whenwe talk about techniques, you priorities in your personal life todo is, I think, that's great. I actually think that's great, but Ijust feel at times when I have some free time. You know I mean I wantou tobe a fluid, so yo speak. I want to be wavy andfluid, even though that's probably not the best way to organize it. Wi say not.It's definitely not the best way to organize your free time, because whenyou organize it better, you get more free time back. But when you leave itto be fluid, as I tend to do sometimes for personal stuff, it gets yeah. Itgets stretched out. Yeah, I mean it's. Something happenslike I didn't do anything I like I didn't manage. You know to finishanything I had to, or you know see people I wanted to you know, should dowe should block off time for games, because I haven't played any games aijust. I should block of time like I I'm actually Ye. I'm sorry. I can't...

Yeahwelli'm actually putting quite alot of time right now into cyber punk. I hate you, it's great game, yeahoihaveit. Yet anyway, I hate you. I I'm not sure if I said it, but I hate you so for, depending on the role you're inand prioritizing work stuff, it can be very painful to start doing the thingmiss- and this is the key when you block stuff off when you set stuff up, you have to stick with it. That can be painful for some people.For example, when I started wlocking off stuff andIIS stick to it, I would say call Stephen Call make fifty call calls in atimeblock whatever, and then it starts at five doesn't really matter and itlast till seven again doesn't really matter time frame. I start like fivefifteen yeah, it's fine. I got at like some. Sometimes IU can Y procee Tas. Igot nothing to do even though blatantly says do this in this time for yeah it'sa Stri, then you yeah, and then you start threshuffling Ondon'tdo that Imeantake Mostofe Times. Don't do that? It's absolutely painful. Don't do that,because that will push a lot more things on your play down the road andthen you get in this feeling. Oh, I can't get to anything. I can't getanything in time. I'm late on everything. Then you're going to belike fighting to reach the goal, the target. I don't do that don't be likeme when I started just do better than I used to don't reshuffle when you put somethingin counder tdevote your time to it, focus on it. If you have more internalmeetings than you should see, which means you can skip where you're reallynot needed, I'm pretty sure. Right now, if you're look ing your acounters likefive meetings a week that you shouldn't be involved, the levelwhere Youe sitting in thecompany teams a in terms of how many meanings you have or you'rjust doing the work it really does depend, but that has to be- and I trito elimit as many of those lately when my team got a lot bigger than itused to be so I had to be very, very, very protective of my time to be ableto get shit done so yeah it it's a ongoing. It's a onlgoingthing. Do I have it perfectly? No, but I mean you know you have to knowget to know yourself, your you know your pace of work and try to make realistic plan. I mean it's nice to beambitious about you know, but if you don't do something you know, then theplan wasn't wasn' wasn't great. Pala is great executing is better boom. I like that. I, like I sayingprobably someone smarter than me said it and I just memorize it frorsomewhere. Well, we can. We can end the episode with this fun yeah, but but seriously, I'm a firm, firmbeliever that planning Hese Great Executin Hes, better. That's all it is that's all ere is atthe end of the day. You can sit and plan for days, but if you don't executeon what you want to do, what you have to do at it's a different ball game,it's a different ball game. So that's my two sense at least Aigogot a question. Let's say that youhave similar priorities. Let's say both would move needle quitesignificantly. What would you? How would you? Whatwould you do? What questions? Would you ask yourself to be able to stack crackthem against each other, which is the...

...bigger priority? Well, if both move the needle, then youdo both you can't Bo Sam time. Okay, it did't. It depends. I mean you w youmake like a small mental map. Something like this is it. Is it your personal priority?You know within the role you hold in the company, is it the number one? Is it a priority for the company orSomeone Abon? I mean it's not an easy decision, I mean, but it's but thoseare those are like the you know the ways I would think aboutit and then, but you know, at the end of the day Imean I'm the guy like. If, if both of the things you know can you know, cansignivically move the needle, I would try to figure out. I mean it's, maybeit's my mistake of going about it, but I would try to find a way how to youknow to the bolts not to lose anything. Would you would you delegate sure, but then that's that's adifferent. You know that's a different story. What can you delegate to whomand Yo know hi yeah for sure I will delegate yeahso the way I can of think about it is. I will ask myself a couple ofquestions right. So the first first question askedmyself: What which of these fall into the biggerpriority for the company, obviously moved inos the company pyourityregardless, but, for example, is our current strategy. expension into newmarkets is, is Te Stategy ongoading new clients is a strategy increaseing orupselling. The current current clients is a strategy you know focusing ondeveloping new products and services. What do we do so you ask thosequestions Awyin with the COMPANI's, like overarching team, if they're the same cool, you have noanswer. You move to the next step. The next step for me personally would be.So is this: What is this drive? Let's say a thething number one and think number two one drive specifically clientacquisition, while other one drive employe satisaction ingeneally, forexample, in the long long time, long game, whatwhat is more significant sure these dolls right away potentially. But then,if it's the detrument of Employe sasfaction Yo, actually do it by theway, or you focus on this and then go back to that new new client for example. Then you can go further and further andask the ask questions that will allow you tokind of help yourself decide a look. This is this is a priority and it's like fiftyone percent. This is forty nine percent out of a hundred, if I wild have tosplit them up I'll, do the fifty one and he forty nine I'll, get to thissoism done so that those are some of the things that I I do with the thingsthat I have on my plane at least so sure you would you consult theleadership about it? You know if it's something like that, it's strategicallyvery important. I absolutely did because I generally, I have a couple of people that Iconsult when it comes to business strategies and whatnot, and this is oneof the things that I talkd to them about and how to basically set up. You know work on priorities and whatdrives on to help them figure out what Driveis, the needle for them inthe best and moreefficient manner possible, so yea sure. So I have onestuff question. How are this I mean it's... situation, Christmas, Bonusituation like big personal goal against a company goal that can youknow that it doesn't. You know, personally,you know bay, you know in the in the short short term and that's Mesin. That's that's a storyabout setting KPIS and you know that's a good question, though it's agood question. It really depends if I reac so torephrase it. If I reach my goal, that means I'm doing to the detriment ofsomeone else or the company not being able to reach their goal. If my timewas focused on something else, Butyeah sure I mean you are reaching your reo,your own short term goal and not focsing on a mid term goal ofthe company. But if Y my question, if my short andgoal, if my short and goal is good for the company, does it hurt the company? If I do itthat's my question. I just want to see where, where this is that Ayi don'tknow I mean you, don't know what you don't know. You don't know, what'sgoing to happen in the mid term. I don't know H, mygodthat's alod questionby the way, but but tnhat being said so, for example, let's say that I'llreprase it this way. Let's say that I run a team right and I just runs a sale team for thisspecific question that sales team, for example, for ICANas a team lead. I would get bonus if one person, if, if my team does x right, they are closeto that target, but there's one person I can help that will push me push meabove the edge to reach to get my bonus up and running versushelping others that will allow me to get bigger payout down the road. If you ask me this question eight ten years ago, if you aske me this question e tosinrealistically, I would have said hands down my own thing. Young I did know I didn't know better. I would have done it for for my own goal eight to ten years ago now I would never do that. I would never dothat. All the teams that I currently workwith you know they could ouch. I hope that the priority is on them and then, whenfocus on them, the company will succeed in the MIDTO long term. Setting up the right foundation for the long term goes way higher,meaning, let's say if everybody sees that this for a short term game. Theyrealize that IFFO. I lose all the confidence and everything from thepeople that report to me or work. I work with there's a huge, hugedetriment to me going forward. You are, we won't have any advocates. You won'thave anything so right now. I would never ever push myself aboveany other company goal, but when was like what twenty s? In mys, by the way, I'm not just twenty eight esay eighty te years ago I actually made like fifteen, but its like just lay it's like so fifte fiften years ago.Realistically, I would have- and now I absolutely wouldn't, becausethere's a bunch of things that happened in between I burned myself. The way Ijust told you about when I was very young, I would absolutely ever ever.Never ever do that again. Probably...

...shouldn't be seying this on a video oreverybody can relate this. But but it's the truth. You know I mean I'masking you this, because it's a common, it's a common topic. I an you know thecompany is sets up KPPES and a lot of them are short term oriented and themanager management kind of starts thinking, short term and not you know,and not trying to implement the longterm medium strategybecause they don'tsee it's painful, it's painful and and itpays pace back only if you, you know, if you're successful, if you endure and and if you know in a couple of years, it's painful because you haveresponsibilities. Let's say you have a responsibilityies to learn money. Youhave responsiblie to feed people. You have responsibilties to your investors.You have responsibies to a lot of people to convince them that the gainis three to five years from now that the gain is in a year that the gain isat XS amount of time versus. Let's get that Mula right away, let's get it yeahhave to and then we'll figure it out as we go. That's not the way to dobusiness. That's not the way to think there's. Also. You know, for example,when you are a comma in business, comes back around at some point it does itdoes and I would like to believe it does, and you don't want to be in the bad side ofit. You just do what you can to help people, and so that would be that'll bemy take. At least I guess that's the time. That's thetime! Thank you guys, Angas for tuning in, for the First Timor, video editionof Bisbros podcast, probably the best ever video podcast you have ever seen,because his is the first first of this kind. Yeah yeah thanks guys things Ey by see ousoon,.

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