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Episode 16 · 1 week ago

EP16: How to spot bad leadership

Well - great topic. Both Zarko and I have had a plethora of bad leaders. The thing is we didnt always know how to spot them and what to do about it. 

So we wanted to share our experiences on how to spot a shit leader and how to help yourself in your growth. Bad leaders can leave a permanent mark on your career and the way you perceive the work environment and your colleagues.

Make sure you spot that and act accordingly. Reach out if you need some help or advice. Fuck bad leaders. 

Episode 15 · 2 weeks ago

EP15: Remote management - does anyone know how to do it properly?

Pretentious title. Check. Great content. Check. Awesome guests. Check. Wait. That's not right as it's just the two of us. We must have made a msitaek with the tilte. 

ANYWAYS - how hard is managing people remote as it's new for the majority of teams? We dive into what worked and what hasn't worked for us. 

No episode would be good enough if we didnt go actionable with tips and how to improve the mental health of your remote teams.
Check us out! 

Episode · 3 weeks ago

EP14: Getting into enterprise sales - what, how, when, why?

How do you switch from SMB's to Enterprise? What is the skill set needed to make the transition? Does it even make sense to go after the enterprise accounts? 

How do you get your teams to shift the mindset from transactional sales to enterprise? I mean, its just a pack of awesomeness. (Disclaimer: we think so - and our moms. For the most part) 

We discuss this and a lot of other stuff, so tune in - sub and give us feedback! 

Episode 13 · 1 month ago

EP13: How to create a winning culture within your team

How many times have you had a team that has performed great and then all of a sudden it seems they just "stop" being awesome? 

How do you turn that team around to the winning ways?

How do you turn people into winners right off the bat?

These are the questions we explore in the latest episode of the best podcast ever. In our production room. Yeah.